Our Staff

Mia Matejik



I was born in Philadelphia, PA and moved in elementary school to sunny San Diego, CA. It was a wonderful place to grow up! I never finished college, but moved back East and started a family in the Washington DC area. I now have 5 amazing children and 2 super smart and cute grandchildren. I moved to Rochester with my youngest son last May and I love this town! I’m that much closer to my beloved mountains. I love hiking and kayaking as well as yoga, pilates and modern dance. I have worked in veterinary medicine since 2008 as a vet assistant, but now I work with a different bunch of animals! I worked the front desk in veterinary practices in Virginia, Massachusetts and New Hampshire as a client care representative. I also worked back in the hospital assisting in various treatments and in exams. I also was a Licensed Nursing Assistant for many years and will eventually get my license renewed.

I believe in treating all people, whether pleasant or not, with dignity and kindness. I also believe that being truthful is the best place to start.

“What’s meant for you will flow into your life effortlessly. You don’t have to stress, worry, chase or fight for it.”

I am the receptionist. I smile, be a good listener and be kind to everyone! I want to help you get the appointments that best fit your busy schedule.

What I enjoy most about working at WV Physical Therapy is that everyone cares for each other here and they show genuine appreciation for each other. Very hard to find in the workplace.

In my free time I am reading, knitting, playing with my grandkids, hiking, going to the lake, kayaking and dreaming of the trips I want to go on.