The Art Of Running In The Snow And Running Performance In Rochester

The Art Of Running In The Snow And Running Performance In Rochester

February 5, 2023

Does winter put a crimp in your running schedule? Does it affect your running performance in Rochester? There are many reasons (excuses?) to hang up your sneakers during the winter. Cold temperatures, lack of daylight, some people just feel less motivated in the winter, and – of course – there is SNOW and ICE!

I used to limit my running a lot in the winter, particularly when there was snow on the ground. I can deal with the cold (mittens that look like boxing gloves, layers, and a cool WV Physical Therapy hat to keep me warm), the dark whether it’s summer or winter (headlamps, reflective gear). But I just did not enjoy the choppy steps I had to take to prevent slipping and sliding on snow and ice – even when using one of the various devices that you can put under your shoes.

This year is different. I have logged the same amount of runs per week this winter as I would during the summer. And I’m loving it!

So what is different? In one word…FORM. With my colleague Luke’s help, I have been taking some of our own advice and made some changes in my running form. I have been enjoying the great benefits of improved flexibility, strength, and running form – running faster now than I did 15 years ago, running longer, and running without injury. Improved running in the snow was an unexpected side effect.

So how is improved running form the best way to keep you from slipping and sliding?
A common problem amongst runners is over striding – the foot is well in front of your body when it hits the ground. This causes an abrupt braking force (slowing you down) under dry conditions. When on snow, like when hitting your car brake abruptly, you will start skidding. The solution to this problem is landing with your foot under your body. Landing with your center of mass over your foot is the equivalent of putting weight in the trunk of your car and going easy on the brakes.

A good way to get started with this is to stand up tall, lean forward from the ankles without bending at the waist to the point that you are about to fall forward. This amount of forward lean is the optimal posture for running and working on landing with your foot under you.

If you feel your running form is not as smooth as you’d like it to be, or that something is holding back from your best running performance in Rochester contact us today and talk to one of our running experts!

Run Happy!

Willem Verweij DPT COMT

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