Headache Treatment In Rochester – 5 Signs That You Can Get Rid Of Your Headache

Headache Treatment In Rochester – 5 Signs That You Can Get Rid Of Your Headache

February 5, 2023

It is no wonder that many people are looking for headache treatment in Rochester.  Headaches are some of the most common complaints that people have and it has the capacity to really throw a monkey wrench in your plans.

Migraine Type Headaches

A well known type of headache is the infamous Migraine.  Migraines are also called “vascular headache.” They have to do with circulation and spasms of blood vessels in your head. Migraines are never mild and they go from zero to severe with minimal warning.

Cervicogenic Headaches

We often call a headache a migraine when it is bad enough to ruin your work day, fun day, or sleep.  But many severe headaches are not migraines at all.  Instead they often are cervicogenic headaches.  Cervicogenic means that these headaches have something to do with your neck.  This is the most common type of headache we see in adults.

Cervicogenic headaches could be the result of injury, arthritis, compressed or stretched nerves, problems with the jaw, poor posture, and muscle tightness because of stress.  These things can all be treated and changed with the gentle help of a physical therapist and some small lifestyle adjustments on your part.

Are Your Headaches Cervicogenic? And Can Your Headache Be Relieved By Physical Therapy?

Here Are 5 Signs That Can Help You Find Out:

  1. The pain tends to START in your neck or at the base of your skull. From there it can radiate to your face, to the top of your head, to your eyes, or along your cheekbones.  It is not so important where the pain ends up as it is where the pain STARTS!
  2. Your headaches worsen related to a certain activity, body position, or movement.  It could start after doing something for a minute or much longer.  It could also start after you finished the activity.  The important thing is that you DID SOMETHING that might have caused it.  So think back about your previous headaches, or start taking notes on what you are doing when headaches come on.  If you see a pattern of activities or positions you might have cervicogenic headaches. Examples: (long) car rides; working in your home office; reading; watching TV; running; overhead work; eating/chewing.
  3. You can RELIEVE your headaches when you change your posture or turn your neck a certain way.  Example: sit up straight instead of slouching; resting with your head supported.
  4. Pushing on a sore spot in your neck or on the back of your head brings on your headache.
  5. You can have different levels of pain ranging from mild to severe (vs. always severe).

If one or more of these signs apply to you, there is a good chance that you could relieve your pain.

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