Common Running Injuries In Rochester New Hampshire

Common Running Injuries In Rochester New Hampshire

February 5, 2023

Common Running Injuries In Rochester New Hampshire

Are you a runner ? Have you ever been injured? You are not alone. 65-75% of all runners sustain some form of running injury.

What Are The Most Common Running Injuries?

Knee injuries have the highest prevalence.  They account for 42% of all running injuries, followed by foot pain and ankle injury 17%, lower leg (shin splints for example) 13% and hip/pelvis 11%.

What Risk Factors Increase Your Chance Of Sustaining One Of These Common Running Injuries?

  1. Here are some of the most frequent risk factors we have seen over the years:

    1) Lack of hip, knee, and ankle flexibility

    2) Lack of hip/core strength especially in female runners

    3) Training schedule. Too much too soon.  Increasing your mileage more than 10% a week, for example

    4) Running Cadence – how often do your feet hit the ground per minute?

    5) Footwear

    6) Running form (check out this blog post as well)

    We’ll discuss each of these factors over the next couple blogs and suggest ways to address these risk factors to decrease your risk of injury and help you keep enjoying the miles!

If you have specific questions or currently have an injury please call our office to talk to our running experts – (603)335-4700

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